Step by Step Guide to Creating Your own Printables to Sell

Looking for a step by step guide to creating your own printables to sell? I’ve got you covered.

I’ve been there.

Clueless of where to start… but with time and practice, I taught myself how to create quality Printables & turned my hobby into cash.

In this blog post I’m going to cover step-by-step how to create your own printables.

So, let’s get to it, and start learning how to create printables to sell.


Step by Step Guide to Creating Your own Printables to Sell

Step 1: Who’s your audience

First things first, decide on who you are creating these printables for. Is it for homeschooling, for teachers, blogging, coloring sheets? Or maybe you’re interested in selling event stationary for weddings or birthays.

Here’s a few examples of what you might create: educational worksheets, flash cards, wall art, planners, coloring sheets, journals, habit trackers, workbooks, ebooks, calendars, party games, invitations, party decorations, budget worksheets, & etc.

You may even decide to create a variety of things to sell. You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to one thing.

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Step 2: What do they want?

What does your audience want. You may be thinking, “How am I supposed to know?” Well, that’s where keyword research comes in.

A simple way to do keyword research is to pull up a search for your ideas on Pinterest or even Etsy.

Are people searching for what you are wanting to sell? If they are, then that’s great. If not, you may want to go back to the drawing board.

It’s important to know whether or not people will want what you’re giving away or selling. If no one wants it that means no profit for you.

Other places to do keyword research:

  • Etsy
  • Google
  • Amazon (If you plan to sell on KDP)

My favorite Keyword Tool: Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is super inexpensive and it works with Etsy, Google, Pinterest and just about every platform you may use for research. It’s wonderful.

Grab our list of 100 Ideas & 1000+ Keywords to kickstart your printables biz.

Step 3: Is there a need?

If you were successful in your keyword search that is a good sign that there’s a need. If not, try looking for something else in you’re niche.

This is just doubling up on what we covered in step 3. We don’t want to create products that won’t sell. Even if we think it’s a great idea, there has to be someone looking for what you are offering.

If you use the Keywords Everywhere tool, you will be able to see how many people actually search for those terms and how much competition you will have trying to rank for those terms.

Step by Step Guide to Creating Your own Printables to Sell

Step 4: Sign up for Canva

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty. Now that you’ve got a round about idea of what you want to sell, let’s start creating!

Canva is the absolute best resource for creating printables. It’s a must for beginners & pros alike.

There are 2 versions.

  • Free Canva
  • Canva Pro

I personally use Canva Pro because it offers so many goodies like branding kits that make it easier to stay consistent with brand colors and fonts.

However, since you’re just starting out I’d recommend using the Free version until you’ve gotten used to creating your printables then upgrade.

Watch my Canva Basics Tutorials on my YouTube Channel. It’s geared towards people who are editing my templates that have been purchased from my Etsy store, but there are some really good basics that everyone should know before starting to design in Canva.

Step 5: Learning How to Use Canva

I suggest taking this free tutorial of how to create printables in Canva.

Canva For Beginners

Getting Started With Canva

Canva has a lot of good training resources that make it easy for you.

I have a FREE tool to help you learn how to create your own printables in Canva.

Printables Creation 101 breaks down the process step-by-step and guides you through creating your very first printable that you can sell on your blog or shop today! It’s 100% FREE.

Step 6: Where do I sell Printables?

This can depend upon your niche in some cases. But, I’ve made a quick list of where you can sell them below.

Places to sell printables:

  • Teachers Pay Teachers (educational)
  • Etsy
  • Your Blog
  • Shopify
  • Creative Fabrica
  • Amazon KDP (in book form, low or medium content)

Tips for setting up a Shopify store:

Shopify can be a great place to sell your printables with 100% off the profit going to you. Instead of using other platforms such as Etsy that take a bit of the profit away. However, you do have to drive your own traffic to the Shopify store.


Do connect your Shopify to Pinterest, Facebook, & Google.

It will help you get found a lot quicker.

Tips for setting up an Etsy account.

I recently decided to give Etsy another try. I have 3 shops open on Etsy where I sell event stationary, planning & organization printables, and homeschooling resources. There are many people who are highly successful in Etsy with printables. It has it’s own built in sources of traffic. So no more worrying about how to get people to come to your shop to actually buy stuff.

Etsy makes it super easy to set up your shop, and if you use the right keywords, you can drive pretty good traffic to your shop without having to advertise on other websites or on social media.

Read this blog post: The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Successful Printable Etsy Shop

My Favorite Tools & Resources for Running a Printables/Digital Products Business

Free Resources

The Blog Plan

Printables Creation 101

Free Tutorial: How to Create Mockups for Your Printables Business

Anatomy of a High Quality Printable


Free Printables Creation Course

Printables by Numbers

Blog by Numbers

Creating Digital Products

Creative Market

Canva Pro

100 Ideas & 1000+ Keywords for Digital Product Creation

Creative Fabrica (Yearly Subscription)

Digital Biz Template Pack

Keywords Everywhere

Selling & Setting up Your Biz






Mom Boss Binder

If You’re Really Serious

A great course for Printables Creation is Printables by Number.

Suzi Whitford & her husband have created some pretty awesome in-depth courses about blogging and business.

I took their Blogging by Numbers Course and The FREE Blog Plan years ago when I started my first blog in 2017.

Both Blog by Numbers & The blog plan helped me gain more traffic. They taught me the technical side of things, helped me improve my workflow, and gain more email contacts.

I got my start creating Pin Graphics & printables taking Blog by Numbers.

All Start a Mom Blog courses are worth their weight in gold! I walked away from the courses feeling confident & I still use a lot of their practices in my blog still today!

Suzi’s students are earning $4000+ per month in passive income after taking Printables by Number.

She will teach you how to create a printables business for free! So, there’s no initial investment outside of purchasing her course.

“I started this course and already made more in a few weeks than I’ve made in 2 years!”

Melissa Sue Batchman

There are a TON of success stories.

You don’t need a blog or an audience to create your own printables to sell.

Printables by Number will provide you with:

  • A list of printable ideas
  • Done for you mockups
  • Templates for Canva and PowerPoint
  • graphic and design templates
  • market research
  • Blog Shop Course
  • Write Your eBook in a Day.
  • Etsy Launch Strategy
  • Printable Funnel Method
  • How to create your printables with FREE tools.
  • and a ton more!

It’s a pretty great value to be honest.

Wrapping up my Step by Step Guide to Creating Your own Printables to Sell

If you’re really considering making the printables business work for you, just follow the process that I laid out & you’ll see success!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my email list to get more great tips and info to your email inbox.

If you have any questions regarding this post feel free to contact me.

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Step by Step Guide to Creating Your own Printables to Sell

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