Self Care Journal

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What’s Inside the Self Care Binder?

important info
12 undated monthly calendars
period tracker
sleep tracker
mood trackers
water tracker
vitamin tracker
weekly health tracker
weekly workout tracker
reading tracker
wellness wheel tracker
monthly meal trackers
meal plans
self care challenge
skin-care daily routine
coloring pages
printable planner stickers

this deluxe self care binder has it all! You’ll get workout trackers, reading trackers, self care challenges, gratitude journal, planner stickers and so much more. Keep all your to-dos, plans and reminders in one organized space.

Enjoy life with more confidence and clarity with this one-stop self care binder. Plus, the beautiful design makes it the perfect addition to any desk

Printing Your Printable Stickers

Print off your printable stickers on any inkjet printer. Ensure that your printer is loaded with ink and paper and is on the right setting for sticker paper. Once the sticker sheets are printed, place the sheets onto a cutting board or other flat surface.

Using a pair of scissors or exacto knife, carefully cut out each individual sticker. Peel away the remaining paper around the sticker and your stickers are ready to use!

Note: You can also use a Cricut if you own one.


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