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    Amazon KDP Cover Template for Canva | 6x9in

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    Transform your book into something special with the Amazon KDP Cover Template for Canva! With this 6×9 inch softcover template, you can quickly and easily create eye-catching, low content books that are sure to grab attention.

    This book cover template is an absolute must for authors looking to get creative and save some time on their projects. No matter what the project or genre, you can spruce up your cover with just the right blend of colors, fonts, and images. So save some time & give your book the spark it deserves – pick up the Kindle KDP Book Cover Template today! It’s sure to put a smile on your face and make creating professional-looking books easier than ever before.

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    Amazon KDP Cover Template for Canva: Softback 8.25x11in

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    Introducing the ultimate tool to simplify your low-content book publishing dreams: The Amazon KDP Book Cover Template! Our 8.25″ by 11″ soft-cover template is perfect for creating attractive, professional-looking books with ease.

    Instead of struggling with complicated software, spend time on the fun stuff: writing and designing a beautiful, inspiring book! With the Kindle KDP Book Cover Template, you can create a masterpiece in no time. Our template gives you the flexibility to easily drag and drop your elements using Canva and showcase your unique style. Plus, it’s simple to save and download your project in an easy-to-load format for use on any creative platform or device.

    Don’t wait any longer – take advantage of this essential tool today and bring your creative vision to life with my Amazon KDP Book Cover Template.

    Can be used for up to 100-200pg book

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    Digital Biz Mockup Bundle: 50 Canva Templates for Digital Products

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    Introducing the Digital Biz Mockup Bundle, a powerhouse collection of 50 meticulously crafted Canva templates designed to elevate your digital products to new heights. Transform your ideas into stunning visuals effortlessly, whether you’re showcasing e-books, online courses, printables, planners, or any other digital creation.

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    Printable Starter Pack – 50 Templates

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    The Printables Starter Pack is your secret weapon for crafting stunning printables effortlessly! Unlock a treasure trove of versatile templates and design elements, empowering you to create printables quickly and efficiently. Transform your ideas into beautifully crafted projects with ease, making every creation a breeze. Elevate your printable game and bring efficiency to your designs with the Printables Starter Pack!