kitchen conversion charts

Printable Kitchen Conversion Charts

Need kitchen conversion charts? These printable charts are a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. Just print it out and frame it. Then hang it in your kitchen. Easy Peasy!

More About Kitchen Conversion Charts

Having a Conversion Chart in your your kitchen can be super helpful. Instead of grabbing your phones just glance over and check the chart!

There are seven different chart designs to choose from in this pack. Some are more basic, and some have cute mason jar designs.

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A Closer Look at the Charts

  • dry weights
  • oven temps
  • liquids
  • oven temps
  • egg timer
  • etc.

How to Use The Charts

  • download your file
  • print out
  • trim off excess
  • frame (8×10)

Where to Print Them Off

You can choose to print off your wall art at home or send it off to be printed. Your public library is another great option for printing off your printable downloads.

I know that ink can get expensive sometimes. In fact, I avoided printing off things at ALL COST for the longest time. Why? Because I had a horrible printer that sucked my ink dry after just a few good printing projects.

Since I homeschool (and LOVE printables) you can see how that was a huge problem for me. So, I went ahead and invested in a good printer.

You can read more about my favorite printer here.

If you’re hating you’re in the market for a new printer or just hating your current one, I highly encourage you to check it out!

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