complete fitness binder

Complete Fitness Planner Binder

This printable Complete Fitness Planner Binder is the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep track of their fitness goals and progress. It contains everything you need to stay focused and motivated on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Inside the binder, you’ll find helpful trackers and planners for staying in shape, nutrition trackers and recipe cards, exercise tracking sheets, and even motivational quotes to keep you going. With this comprehensive binder, you can easily monitor and stay up-to-date on your fitness goals for the year!

What’s inside of the Complete Fitness Binder?

This Fitness Binder Belongs To…
About me
Monthly planner (undated blank calendar style)
Weekly planners
Daily planners
Habit trackers
Habit tracker wheel
Fitness goals
Measurement tracker
Body measurements
Workout tracker
Running log
Steps tracker
28 day step challenge
100 Miles running challenge
Cardio training log
Weight Loss Tracker
52 week weight loss tracker
Body Progress
Progress photos
21 Day create your own goals challenge
Sleep tracker
Intermittent Fasting tracker
Weekly Meal planner
Period tracker
Recipe cards
Vitamin tracker
Daily food journal
Water Intake Tracker
Food Inventory
Grocery List
Weekly Shopping list
Daily fitness trackers
Motivational quote wall art/ binder dividers
Front & Back coversheet
Binder spines
Printable Fitness Stickers

How to Print out the Fitness Stickers:

Use your regular printer & sticker paper, print, & cut out with exacto knife or Cricut.

A Look Inside the Complete Fitness Planner Binder

The progress trackers include body progress with places to fill in your measurements and put a before and after picture, body measurements for females, and body measurements for males.

The daily trackers include a daily fitness tracker to record your workout, meal plan, steps, and focus area of the day. Also, there’s a general daily planner and food journal to keep track of your food intake, calories, and water intake each day.

I’ve also included a tracker for intermittent fasting, habits, and a monthly undated calendar for creating goals and keeping a log of your workouts and routines.

There are recipe cards for writing down your favorite healthy meals to have on hand.

fitness planner running and water intake challenges

You will have fun doing the running challenges and water challenges included in the planner as well!

Grab the Fitness Planner here: Complete Fitness Binder

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