self care binder

Deluxe Self-Care Binder

This deluxe self care binder has it all! You’ll get workout trackers, reading trackers, self care challenges, gratitude journal, planner stickers and so much more. Keep all your to-dos, plans and reminders in one organized space.

Enjoy life with more confidence and clarity with this one-stop self care binder. Plus, the beautiful design makes it the perfect addition to any desk!

A Look at the Deluxe Self Care Binder

What’s inside the self care planner?

  • important info
  • 12 undated monthly calendars
  • period tracker
  • sleep tracker
  • mood trackers
  • water tracker
  • vitamin tracker
  • weekly health tracker
  • weekly workout tracker
  • reading tracker
  • wellness wheel tracker
  • monthly meal trackers
  • meal plans
  • gratitude
  • self care challenge
  • skin-care daily routine
  • notes
  • coloring pages
  • printable planner stickers

Self Care Routine

In today’s busy and chaotic world, it is essential to prioritize taking care of your mental and physical health. From meditation and journaling, to getting enough rest and taking walks in nature, be sure to find activities that make you feel nourished and help you stay connected with yourself.

Stay on top of your self-care routines and your life will feel much more balanced and meaningful.


Self Care Trackers

Using a workout tracker can help keep you motivated and make exercise a consistent part of your lifestyle.

The act of logging workouts can help build a sense of progress and help set new goals as your fitness level grows. You can also see the positive impact that exercising regularly has on your overall health, including weight loss and strength gains.

Whether you’re looking to start a new exercise routine or just need some help tracking progress on your current routine, using a workout tracker is a great way to stay organized and motivated.

More Trackers

One of the many trackers is a mood tracker. Tracking your mood and keeping track of your period can have several positive benefits.

Mood tracking can help you to be more aware of how your mental and emotional states are influenced by various external factors, such as your diet, stress, physical activity, or environment.

Keeping track of your period is also useful for a number of reasons. By writing down your dates, it’s easy to anticipate when it’s going to start and end, and any possible PMS symptoms. It can also be used to help determine the most likely time to become pregnant, or help women identify potential fertility problems.

Also, tracking your period over time can give an insight into how any lifestyle changes, such as changes in diet or activity, are influencing your cycle.

Blank Undated Calendars

These calendars can be used for so many different things.

1. Use undated calendars as a way to track when you do specific activities that benefit your mental health and wellbeing.

2. Record self-care related goals on each day, and use it to monitor progress throughout the month.

3. Map out when you plan to do tasks such as completing work assignments, creating a weekly meal plan, scheduling doctor appointments, and anything else you deem necessary for self-care.

4. Give yourself weekly rewards to incentivize meeting your self-care goals.

5. Make notes of your successes and use these to inspire motivation.

6. Utilize the undated calendars to jot down quick thoughts or insights that may pop up throughout the day.

7. Set daily or weekly reminders in your calendar for self-care practices such as going to bed early or scheduling time for a calming activity.

8. Take the time to plan activities that make you feel relaxed or uplifted and keep a record of them for the future.

9. Prioritize breaks from technology and plan when you can spend time away from screens.

10. Mark special occasions, anniversaries, or holidays on your undated calendar.

The Extras

Planner stickers, coloring sheets, important information, notes, cover, back cover & matching binder covers.

Printing Your Printable Stickers

Print off your printable stickers on any inkjet printer. Ensure that your printer is loaded with ink and paper and is on the right setting for sticker paper. Once the sticker sheets are printed, place the sheets onto a cutting board or other flat surface.

Using a pair of scissors or exacto knife, carefully cut out each individual sticker. Peel away the remaining paper around the sticker and your stickers are ready to use!

Note: You can also use a Cricut if you own one.

Self care binder

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