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Cleaning Binder | Clean & Organize Your Home

Who said cleaning had to be a chore? With this customizable cleaning binder, you’ll stay on top of all the chaos that life can bring! Make sure your checklist is right at hand and don’t let messes pile up. Now you never have to worry about clutter – or next-to-impossible cleanliness goals ever again!

Using a cleaning planner can help you stay on top of daily cleaning and organization tasks. I love to have a checklist in front of me when I’m cleaning. 

It helps me feel more organized & like  I’m actually accomplishing something. With 6 kids at home it can get a mess VERY quickly… That’s an understatement honestly. It’s next to impossible to keep this place clean. lol!

This cleaning binder is completely customizable to YOU!

Print off as many of each page as you need & your ready to go!

What’s inside the binder?

  • monthly calendars (undated)
  • daily cleaning schedule
  • monthly cleaning checklist
  • yearly cleaning schedule
  • cleaning tasks
  • daily cleaning checklist
  • cleaning checklists
  • goals
  • cleaning supply list
  • budget overview
  • payment tracker
  • goal trackers
  • to-do lists
  • done for you house cleaning checklist
  • contact lists
  • binder spines
  • binder cover & binder backside cover

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cleaning binder printables


The cleaning binder has 12 month undated calendars to fill in with your important cleaning tasks or appointments.

cleaning Binder


Feeling overwhelmed by all the cleaning to do? No need to worry – there’s help at hand. We’ve got you covered with a full arsenal of checklists, covering everything from daily chores through yearly deep cleans. Choose one or choose them all – however much tidying your home needs, we can get it sorted for you!

The tasks section contains a yearly cleaning list, monthly cleaning checklist, weekly cleaning checklist & schedule, cleaning tasks, regular cleaning checklist, and a daily cleaning checklist. There are many options for you to pick out what fits your needs.

cleaning binder tasks


Not sure where your money’s going every month? Keep track of exactly what you’re spending on all that cleaning with our helpful payment tracker. You’ll be able to make sense of the numbers and see just how much time (and dough!) a clean house actually costs!

Budgeting worksheets for what you spend on cleaning supplies and payments made to cleaning companies can be logged in the payment tracker.

budget cleaning checklist planner


Ready to keep your home spick-and-span this year? Let goal setting worksheets help you get organized and motivated – no matter if you take the weekly, monthly, or yearly approach. Get ready for some serious shine!

Goal setting worksheets are to give you an overview of what you want to accomplish in the year with your cleaning goals

cleaning binder


If you can’t decide on your own cleaning plan and don’t want to start from scratch, simply take a peek at the Cleaning Binder for pre-made lists that’ll get the job done. With instant access to an organized deep clean checklist, say goodbye to those pesky dust bunnies!

cleaning binder


In the extras section there is a contact lists , matching binder spines, and back cover for your binder!

cleaning binder

Take me to the Cleaning Binder!

If you’re interested in the cleaning binder you can find it right here at this link: Cleaning binder.


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